WaveReportHave we reached Peak Hybrid? This is probably not related to the fact that hybrids are not as efficient as we think, since almost no cars are.

The Japanese Prime Minister wants to ramp up Japan’s cool factor, but artists want no part of it.

Denmark’s free higher education is pointed to by some as something to aspire to, but it’s hurting their economy.

Chris Reed argues that California’s politicians and media are stuck in the 80’s with their love of light rail, when game changing driverless cars are right on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the problem with driverless cars is that its not-drivers are kind of lazy.

China’s Ghost City situation has not improved. But here’s a cool one that looks like Manhattan.

Meanwhile North Korea has created its own ghost town near the border.

Advances continue to be made on the storage side of the renewable power equation.

More metal, less emissions? Sounds good to me.

MIT’s Technology Review interviews Joseph LeDoux on attempts to understand and tinker with human memory.

Peter Cappelli argues that non-compete clauses punish the wrong party. It’s become increasingly popular for college football coaches to have buyouts so large that only the schools that would hire them can pay it.

Don’t try to read your employees’ minds, and don’t pretend they are family.

Government corruption is good for infrastructure spending, bad for education and health care spending.

The Space Station is getting a coffee machine!

Teenage Mutant Ninja History.

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4 Responses to Linkluster Consulship of Tiberianus and Dio

  1. Peter says:

    Denmark: people go to college for free, can’t get jobs when they graduate, collect generous and time-unlimited unemployment benefits.

    United States: people take out enormous student loans to go to college, can’t get jobs when they graduate, aren’t eligible for government benefits.

  2. Have we reached Peak Hybrid?

    I suspect it’s partially because everybody who wanted one already has one, and the increase over the standard model doesn’t justify the added expense for many people. Plus, as you noted, given our shift to crossovers, there just aren’t as many crossover hybrid models. So while all of the major players offer some type of hybrid in their midsize sedan, IIRC, only Nissan and Toyota offer hybrid CUVs.

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