We hadn’t noticed the problem until we got to the airport, which is a clear hour from our house. I asked Clancy where the diaper bag was. Instead of informing me that it was still in the car, she turned while. I went over in my mind everything I’d packed, and there was a duffel-sized hole in my memory.

The bad news, other than the obvious, was that this was the one time that we didn’t pack any diapers in her suitcase. We’re seeing the folks in two weeks anyway, so why not just have them keep the extras?

The good news was that we’d changed Lain right before leaving. Also, she tends to go rarely-and-big rather than frequently and small. So there was an off-chance that she would actually hold back until we got home?

We were not willing to bet on that (which turned out to be a good thing, because she didn’t. At all.) An airport worker noticed out distress and asked if there was any problem. She suggested that we go talk to Lost Luggage because they usually keep some spare diapers down there. The thought had never occurred to us, but it actually made sense. People whose luggage got lost freaking out because the diapers were on the suitcase. (Keeping all of your diapers in the suitcase? Ridiculous! The only thing dumber than that is… having them all packed in a bag you left at home.)

As it turns out, they did have diapers to spare. They didn’t have Lain’s size sixes, but they had size fours which required more care in putting on and aggressive changing, but would usually do the job. And did! Really, the only inconvenience was that I had to change her in the changing compartment in the plane’s tiny lavatory.

Other than that, the flight home went pretty well. Lain is getting impatient about being in the car seat throughout the flight. We get her a ticket precisely so that she won’t be sitting in our lap, but that was very much where she wanted to be.

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  1. stone says:

    Flying with little kids just sucks, there’s no nice way to put it. A couple years ago we had an unscheduled, rapid plane change, and I had to run down several corridors clutching a pee-soaked leaking toddler to my chest. Still mad about that. Homeless people and parents have to walk about in public with urine-stained clothing.

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