CuptopShowdown“Carbon caps have not led to emissions reductions or even limitations anywhere. China will be no different.”

Eleven maps on American energy production.

New homes are ever-larger than their predecessors.

TechCrunch explores the history of housing in San Francisco, and how it got here.

Remember the whole Faces of Meth thing from Oregon? I was reminded of that when looking at these pictures of housing in Detroit.

The high cost of affordable housing: Inclusionary zoning, in effect, provides an annual subsidy to its winners on the order of $90,000.

Bill Gates wants to know… have you hugged a concrete pillar today?

The Washington Post has a good piece on the history of Dockers pants (specifically their reputation for being Dad pants). I don’t buy them, because I am a cheapskate and Puritan (Walmart brand) does the trick, but I have always loved them dearly.

Will Self doesn’t begrudge the smoking bans, but finds himself missing the smoke. There is a solution to that, of course, that is quickly being banned, of course.

Though we didn’t have one, I tend to think that lavish weddings often get a bad rap. But I have a hard time wrapping my head around the average Manhattan wedding costing $90,000. And, $3,000 wedding cakes?

The story of Karen DeCrow, the feminist who became a Men’s Rights Activist.

It’s too easy and often overly dismissive to say “Correlation does not equal causation”… but seriously, people.

These, on the other hand, can be nothing but causation.

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  1. Peter says:

    The most interesting thing about the energy maps, something I’ve read before, is that there are no oil pipelines crossing the Rocky Mountains. As a result, the west coast is a completely different oil market than the rest of the country.

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