Texas is notoriously stingy with its education spending, usually falling somewhere in the bottom of per-pupil spending. But not some districts and not when it comes to some things. Allen, Texas, a wealthy suburb of Dallas, famously spent $60 million on a high school football stadium that’s larger than some college ones. What does $60,000,000 buy you? Not much, apparently:

Allen ISD officials said Monday that design flaws appear to have contributed to problems with cracking of concrete at the district’s new $60 million stadium, prompting them to close the stadium for the next football season.

Previously, PBK Architects, which designed the stadium, said the problems in the concourse level were probably caused by shrinkage in the concrete.

But an analysis commissioned by the district shows engineers have found design deficiencies at the concourse level, according to documents released to The Dallas Morning News.

Partial findings by Nelson Forensics indicate that some support structures were not designed in a way that would hold the weight anticipated on that level of the stadium.

The Allen Eagles are the state champions in their division.

Lest we think that this is about Texas and their love of football, the same school district is spending almost $40,000,000 on a bus barn.

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