Reportedly, new labor rules in France require workers to unplug from work when they go home.

Emma Green writes about office speak, and how a culture of efficiency can embrace inefficiency.

Breaking news: Kids think school is boring.

Scott Sumner looks at inequality among doctors, at least as measured by the recently released Medicare payments. One of the more sociologically interesting aspects of it is the gender gap.

According to this report (PDF), going to medical school may have been a bad move for Clancy and other female doctors. That’s kind of depressing.

Relatedly, American mothers would prefer to work part-time if they could, demonstrating the ongoing tension between flexible scheduling and the gender gap.

A man was found guilty of breaking an ecigarette law that doesn’t exist.

Banning chocolate milk from cafeterias resulted in less milk consumption, which has some nutrition folks concerned.

Silicon Valley startup Ploom is looking at blurring the distinctions between cigarettes, ecigarettes, and pot. This makes me uncomfortable.

According to Popular Mechanics, you’d need 10,000 people to colonize another planet.

Which would be easier to colonize, Mars or Venus?

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5 Responses to Linkluster Falls Along the Iguazu River

  1. says:

    Besides female physicians’ preference for evaluation and management specialties rather than higher paying surgical specialties, female physicians are more likely than male physicians to seek part-time work arrangements. This pushes more women physicians into employed positions rather than partnership-track positions, which usually pay more when partnership is attained. I’m very skeptical that discrimination plays a significant role in any gender pay disparity.

    • trumwill says:

      That’s what makes this gap so interesting: Medicare payments are completely gender neutral. Sexism could be responsible for a little of it, but not much.

      • says:

        Then the gap should be a non-issue. The progressives are trying to create an injustice where none exists.

        • trumwill says:

          The framing of the article isn’t really “Sexism!”… and actually doesn’t mention ways that sexism could actually be influencing things. If it looks in any particular direction, it suggests that male and female doctors bill differently, with a mild implication that men are perhaps overly aggressive in their billing.

          • says:

            I admit that’s the thrust of this article. The never ending media focus on racial and gender gaps has made me very irritated with the whole subject.

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