The missionaries stopped by again tonight. Each time it seems to be a different set. I think I might have been too rude to the last set. They never should have changed sets to begin with. I had a cordial relationship with the first ones and a sorta understanding (to the extent that a missionary can graph the concept of someone being somewhat interested in learning about the religion but very much not interested in converting). But since those two were pulled in favor of the others I’ve been a little more rude.

But even so, I can’t be too rude even when I need to be. I am also sympathetic to the fact that being a missionary isn’t easy (though it’s gotta be easier in Deseret than Somalia).

Right now I just need to buy a little bit of time. They often don’t take “I’m busy right now” for an answer (last time I was clearly on the phone). But how can they not take “It’s April 15th and I haven’t finished my taxes!” for an answer?

Quite possibly the best excuse to weasel out of anything that I’ve ever come up with in my entire life. Ever. In my whole life.

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