Becky tells an interesting I-met-a-celebrity story. The only celebrity I’ve ever met (outside of a convention of place you’re supposed to meet celebrities) was Sherman Howard, the actor for Lex Luthor in the old Superboy TV series (at least I think it was Howard, it might have been the other Lex Luthor from the first season).

Our conversation consisted of him saying “Excuse me” and me saying “sorry” and getting out of the way of the door to the beachside condominium we were each staying at.

But my middle brother’s ex-girlfriend’s mother has a much more interesting story, which I will recount to the best of my abilities. I have no verification that this is true, but she not an inveterate storyteller like my mother and I are, so it holds a bit more credibility. And, whether true or not, it’s amusing, which is what counts.

Mrs. Douglas was in a casino/hotel elevator in Las Vegas when it stopped and three black men – two very large ones – entered. One of the men said “Hit the floor.”

She dropped to the floor. One of the men clarified “The ground floor, ma’am” as he pressed the Level 1 button on the elevator.

She was understandably mortified.

For the rest of the trip, the hotel restaurant and bar declined her money. Everything, they told her, was paid for. When she was checking out, she was informed by the hotel that her room had been paid for. She asked “by whom.” The attendant said that she didn’t know, but gave her an envelope.

It read: “Thanks for the biggest laugh we’ve had all month. Best, Eddie Murphy and his two bodyguards.”

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