Chocolate milk was on my shopping list last week. I’ve never been a big chocolate milk person, but when appraising my cereal options, I determined that if I took the healthiest, most sugarless cereal out there and added chocolate milk, not only was it edible but I ended up ahead sugar-wise than if I take the next healthiest option with skim milk.

When I got to the milk aisle, though, I saw something bizarre: Green milk. For St. Paddy’s Day, of course. Vanilla flavored. It looked grotesque. Green milk? Who the hell would drink green milk? Not that there is anything wrong with green beverages. Many of my favorite beverages are green. But the green milk just looked… really weird. I tried, and failed, to imagine what cereal would look like in it.

So of course I bought some.

The results are below. Taste-wise, it wasn’t as good as the chocolate milk but still not too bad. I can’t tell if my mediocre impression of the taste is more related to the fact that milk and vanilla don’t seem to go together, or my own inability to process milk coming in a green color.

green milk

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