I typically listen to audiobooks throughout the day as I take care of various household chores. Lately, I’ve been watching a TV show that I will not name to avoid spoilers.

The video player on my phone is not as good as the audiobook player, so mistakes periodically happen. For example, it’ll lose its place. Also, I have been known to accidentally fast-forward due to the placement of the scroll bar. Normally this is not a problem, but I got a double wammy today, while watching the last episode of the program. As in, the last episode ever made where everything gets resolved.

In the first case, over a span of three seconds I found out that the lead character is killed, that his wife made it happen, and why she did it. In three seconds.

In a second case, I discovered that one character leaves another character. Again: Three seconds. If that.

The first hurts more than the second, but over the entirety of listening to TV shows (and watching at points) this has only happened three times. Two of which, of course, involved devastating spoilers. The other involved someone telling the main character that he would absolutely take care of it (fortunately, without a hint of what “it” was.

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