Twitter spambots are magical. They bring the dead back to life. is problematic on at least three levels that I can think of immediately. Could be mistaken, could be a baseless vendetta, and when true the blame does not fall on a single party. That’s just off the top of my head.

Some ladies are trying to close Wikipedia’s gender gap, which is a worthwhile goal. I’m curious what they mean by Wikipedia’s “masculine design”, however.

Meanwhile, Wikipedia is more generally having an editor retention problem.

Is the middle class being hollowed out due to a class war on the part of the wealthy? Or is it really about job polarization? Or both at once? James Joyner has more.

Michael Corwin talks about being a political PI while Jason Edwards Harrington talks about being a TSA agent. [More]

Apparently, the northeast is neurotic.

Bill Parks argues that California is the model for corporate tax reform.

It’s official: comedians are psychotic. The link comes from my friend Tony, who is trying to make it as a standup comedian, and who is probably psychotic. (Not really.)

How long does it take for a tragedy to become funny? Above five weeks.

It is not, in fact, hip to be square.

A realistic statue of a man walking around in his briefs freaked Wellesley out.

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