Reuters has an article on “cyber-bullies” of a particular sort:

“Girls might send [a topless picture] to their boyfriend and she is pressured to do it thinking he’s just going to see it. So she gives in and the next thing you know it’s all over (the place).”

The images are even more likely to be passed on if the couple breaks up, said Mishna who headed a research team that held focus groups with 47 students in grades 5-12.

An interesting article, but I have two problems with it.


Preliminary results from the research show so-called computer geeks are becoming the new schoolyard bullies.

As a so-called “computer geek” I’m sayin’ I don’t think we’re to blame. For better and worse, he advances in technology have made it so that you don’t have to be a computer geek in order to do the things described in the article.


Students also thought it was pointless to tell parents about cyber bullies because they could not identify the culprits.

If it’s a case of a bitter exboyfriend (or reckless current-boyfriend) letting the picture get out, there’s no anonymity protecting the primary culprit. If we’re talking about online boyfriends that the reluctant strippers don’t know the real name of… well I could only suggest that you don’t do such a thing for a guy whose real name you don’t know.

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