I took a trip to the dentist last week for another unsubsidized cleaning. Unfortunately my mouth is not doing as well as we would like it to be, so she had to put in some anti-bachterial powder in between my teeth and gums. I managed to surpress my smile when she told me that it meant that I couldn’t floss for a couple weeks. She also told me to avoid certain foods, namely crackers and chips.
I had absolutely no idea how much I eat in the way of crackers and chips until the past few days:

  • I bought three 10-packs (with six a piece inside) of those sandwich cracker snacks just the other day. Now they sit in my desk and taunt me.
  • I ordered soup that I couldn’t eat crackers with.
  • I declined to order salad cause I would have wanted crackers with them.
  • No Mexican restaurants cause they come with chips and salsa.
  • No chips from the vending machine.
  • I have to get cookies instead of chips at Subway with the combo meal (okay, so that’s not such a sacrifice…)
  • Not mentioned by the dentist but implied was hard candy. I’m a sucker for hard candy that gets rooted deep into your teeth. Hence my dental problems.

I’d almost rather them tell me to give up refined sugar.

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  1. logtar says:

    You said the D word… It took me 10 minutes to unroll myself from the fetal position to comment.

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