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A study recently suggested that the MTV show 16 and Pregnant has reduced teenage pregnancy rates. Ryan Jacobs explains that this is not the case.

Playoffs, once instituted, expand.

Tyler Cowen argues that streaming services encourage variety, while downloading services do not, while TechRadar laments binge-watching

The markets for contracts. As in… hitman contracts.

Democrats want higher wages, Republicans argue that it would mean less jobs. Democrats hire more people at lower wages, while Republicans hire fewer people at higher wages.

India has a new handgun for rape victims.

South Korea is launching 5G… and its very, very fast.

Suggesting that the jobless should lose benefits for failing to speak English is something you would expect a Republican to say. Instead, it’s coming from UK’s Labour Party.

A Norwegian mountianside is cut off from sunlight for six months of the year, so they’re using mirrors.

Doctors aren’t meeting PPACA’s EHR goals. At a basic level, EHR is a time-saver and win-win-win, but the amount that physicians are often being asked to put in them, if the economic incentives are not high enough, it may not be worth their time to do it.

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  1. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    Thanks, Will. Due to your picture, I was fired today…

    Anyway, here are two NSFW links for you, since I can be immature. I would appreciate these appearing as [S1] and [S2] in Linky Friday 54:

    1) The major league sports franchise with the longest tenure of futility is the Chicago Cubs, last winning the World Series in 1908. In the hopes of turning things around they have gotten themselves a mascot named Clark the Cub (Clark is the cross street of Wrigley Field).

    Deadspin decided to make Clark the Cub anatomically correct. CSNMA decided to use the Deadspin version in their story. D’oh!

    2) The New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers played at Yankee Stadium Sunday. The game was delayed due to sun glare. To kill some time, the cast of Jersey Boys sung “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. The lyrics refer to “an alibi”. Apparently the closed captioner didn’t have access to the lyrics, so he made his best guess as to what they were singing: Deadspin D’oh!

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