Because high school never ends… I remain puzzled why certain Facebook friends from old days friended me but not other people we know. By way of example, I was friended by Whirlwind. She and I knew one another, but we were never close. Or friends. Or even friendly. She went with Clint for a little while. She knew Excalibur quite well.

I wonder if she kind of looks back on yore with less than positive thoughts. I’d understand. It was not a particularly good time in her life, I kind of gather. By the time the BBS that we were both members of fell by the wayside, I sort of expected things not to end up well for her. She had lost a lot of her popularity and her looks had transitioned from stunning to plain. I didn’t know how well she was doing in school, but I figured it probably wasn’t very well. I was wrong about that last bit, though, as she apparently upped and moved to a state boarding school for the gifted and talented and considering how well she appears to have turned out, I assume that it was a really good thing for her.

But there were people who were friends and who cared about her from that era… and I wasn’t one of them. She was snooty when it came to me. About the only nice things I can say about her is that:

1) There was a time I was in a pretty bad way and I was acting really obnoxiously. She was the ringleader of a group of people that deliberately started to avoid me and were telling other people to do the same because I was such a loser. This actually turned out to be a good thing because when I heard what people were saying, there was too much of it that I couldn’t entirely disagree with. That is to say, I was turning myself into a very unpleasant person. This marked a real turning point for me, making me far more conscientious of how I was coming across to people. So she gets credit for the result, if not the intention.

2) The last year or so she started warming up to me a little. I remember when she and I had a conversation at a party. It was remarkable in the lack of negative undercurrent. That I still remember the conversation, and that the conversation was one of the things I remember from the party it was at, tells you how frequent that was. But I did get the feeling that things between us were going to start being not-so-frosty. But the BBS community fell apart shortly thereafter.

Anyhow, while it would make sense if she wanted to put the whole thing behind her and block out that part of her history, she has done so with the only exceptions being myself and a frivolous old flame from that era.

The most likely explanation is that I was a suggested friend or something through mutual friends… except that we have none except the ex-boyfriend.

I wrote about this previously in Unleaving Las Vegas, wherein Porky friended me one night and unfriended me the next. That one was more easy to dismiss, though, on the possibility that she confused me with somebody else and then unfriended me in horror when she realized her mistake. This time? Whirlwind is very unlikely to have mistaken my identity.

She messaged me shortly after I accepted the request. I wasn’t around, though I wonder if I had been if I’d gotten my answer.

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  1. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    There was a time I was in a pretty bad way and I was acting really obnoxiously.

    Would that time be now? 😉

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