The Internet connection has been absolutely rotten lately. So much so that despite the fact that we’re paying $70 a month for Internet, we’ve been hobbling along by periodically hotspotting my phone and connecting through that.

I’m running through my checklist of things to do before contacting Comcast about the problem. I figured it was one of three things: My router, the cable modem, or something on their end. The most obvious thing to do is replace the router. I’ve gone through three routers or so in the last six years, which is pretty crazy. They gradually lose signal strength until I just can’t use them anymore reliably. But the current one’s predecessor would at least give me an idea of where the problem lies. If only I knew where it was. A lot of my computer stuff is still in boxes. Most of it open as I do my giant sorting of stuff and throwing away stuff I don’t need anymore (not to self, scratch “previous router” off that list).

While in the area, I decided that I wanted to clear the way to the utility room. The big obstacle being the paper shredder which the baby loves to knock over. So I took that and put it on some box, and preceded to look for the router.

An hour later, I found out which box it was in. Want to take a guess?

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3 Responses to Connection Difficulties

  1. trumwill says:

    An update: So far I haven’t had a single outage since switching the router. The problems that had me replace the router are still there, so, so this isn’t a permanent solution.

  2. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    LOL Don’t you mean Kabletown? 😉

    In all seriousness though, I live in a Kabletown area, and the best thing I did was switch to FiOS.

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