killergooseJapanese cars (and American ones, too), built in America, to be exported elsewhere.

Republicans are perennially more self-critical than Democrats.

How DC has changed, less about the red and blue than the green.

I enjoyed season one of House of Cards, but Joshua Braver is right that it doesn’t translate well into the Americaqn political system.

A college acquaintance who is (or was) a freelance journalist in Syria has been missing for over a year now. It’s an epidemic.

Genetics accounts for more than half of exam result variation.

Meanwhile, if you have an hour or so, I recommend this Bloggingheads between Glenn Loury and Roland Fryer where they talk about innovation in education and an education experiment in Houston that yielded surprising results.

When Apple released the iPhone, Google had to pivot with Android and start over. No surprise, but I think I like the previous direction better.

Contrary to popular perception, Steve Jobs did listen to consumers.

Software is replacing human labor… and hardware investment.

Lauren Davidson makes the case for the six hour workday.

One of the main reasons we need to do away with DST is because we’re waking up too suddenly and too early.

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  1. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    You couldn’t think of a clever 245?

    Anyway when are you going to link to The 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth. For Some Reason, I Can’t Look Away…?

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