We were, to no great surprise, a little late arriving to the airport. I cycled around the airport a couple of times to try to find the economy lot, but it was simply nowhere to be found. I ended up parking at the daily lot, which was very convenient though will be more expensive.

The car parked next to me had glasses sitting on the roof. I felt bad about that because somebody is going to miss them and they’re likely not going to be there whenever somebody gets back.

As per usual, I dropped Clancy off prior to parking. So I arrived independent of her and was checking in by myself. She had texted me, but I hadn’t looked. The kiosk informed me that I was within an hour of takeoff time and notified me that if I wanted to, I could pay a little extra to speed through some lines. I declined. Afterwards, it informed me that my flight time was delayed by 90 minutes or so and that my new flight time was roughly 7:15 instead of 5:45. I can only imagine how I would have felt if I’d paid extra to speed through lines only to wait at the gate for a delayed flight.

The reason for the delay were some weather difficulties preventing the arrival from the plane from Colosse to Queen City (to go back from QC to Colosse on our flight).

Owing, perhaps, to the delay and the havoc wrook on the runway scheduling, we were barely out of the gate before the next round of delays started. We were probably waiting there on the runway for another hour. It was hot and uncomfortable. Lain was unhappy, as was every other baby on the flight. Clancy, bless her, was taking care of the little one. I, meanwhile, was able to watch my TV show on my tablet during the entire wait, throughout the entire flight, and during landing. Thanks Obama.

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  1. I’m amazed that you went to Queen City’s airport. Aren’t you much closer to another large airport known for it’s “unsharp” characteristics?

    FWIW, I guess I’m lucky that I live in an area where I can take a taxi to the train station and a train to the airport. This whole concept of parking a car at the airport is strange and foreign to me (and most of my family), but at work a small, yet noticeable number of our calls are for people who park at the long-term parking lots.

    I cycled around the airport a couple of times to try to find the economy lot

    You didn’t see signs for Long-Term Parking? FWIW, our major airports up here don’t use the term “Economy Parking” so it may be a weird regionalism…

    • trumwill says:

      I was looking for anything saying long-term or economy parking. I just didn’t see any sites for it. It’s increasingly the case that economy parking is off-site (and accessible by shuttle), which is fine, but I need to know where to go. Most likely, that means I’ll need to simply do more homework.

  2. Kirk says:

    Isn’t flying expensive? I have a niece getting married in April, and fares (FL to NJ and back) range from $300-$400.

    I guess flying somewhere once in awhile isn’t that big a deal, but I’m always blown away by people who casually fly their entire families every year to a vacation–just to spend more money when they get there. (My brother’s taking his family on a ski vacation comes to mind.)

    Anyway, I just looked at rental car prices. Wow, that would be another $300 or so. So, spend $700 to attend the wedding of a niece I’ve seen only twice? I dunno….

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