Something that I don’t understand:

Sometimes I like to make myself half a sandwich. I take a single slice of bred, put some ham and cheese in there (along with some BBQ sauce or spicy mustard), roll the bread, and eat it. But one is rarely enough. I usually want two.

But if I make myself a traditional sandwich with two slices of ham and cheese in between two slices of bread… I get tired of eating halfway through and don’t want any more.

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3 Responses to Is Six Not Half a Dozen?

  1. Bob V says:

    I think it makes sense actually. When you fold a piece of bread over itself, you can’t put as much in it as you might think. The reason is that part of the length of the bread is used to span the vertical distance. So, overall you may be getting less of the filling through applying the foldover method twice than when you make a full sandwich.

  2. trumwill says:

    Nah, I use the same amount of filler. Half sandwiches get one slice of turkey or ham and a slice of faux-cheese and full sandwiches get two. Sharp thinking, though.

  3. Bob V says:

    Can you run this experiment?
    Make your full sandwich, cut it in half, and eat one half. How do you feel?

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