The Big Sort has an economic angle. Especially when you have kids. Economic segregation is on the rise.

Salt Lake City is a hub of economic mobility.

Joel Kotkin argues that the burbs are back!

I love how we can’t raise gas taxes because the people will never stand for it, so we must instead find new ways to tax people for driving.

PolicyMic has an interesting map on where the disconnected youth are.

UPS’s security questions are creepy.

Anthony Esolen argues that we learned the wrong lessons from Prohibition.

Some history and present of South Korea’s education history. There’s a lot familiar in there.

There is apparently a movement to couple social justice and math. Which, to me, sounds like a great way to give some people another reason to tune out of math by turning it into something that can be disagreed with.

A charity is working on putting homeless people in shipping containers. To live, not to be shipped.

China’s smog crisis is reaching titanic proportions.

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