Before I’d had my morning nicotine and caffeine, I prepared my drink. Usually this consists of mixing Mountain Something (generic brand mountain dew) with sugar-free coolade. The latter is in a vacated water jug that is the same size and dimension as a jug of milk. So, as the title suggests, I got the wrong jug. I realized my error before too much milk made it in.

Rather than toss the contents of the contraption (at this point, Mountain Shoutin’ and milk), I went ahead and added the coolade.

I cannot taste the (skim) milk. Something seems to taste just a bit off, but honestly that may just be my imagination. It certainly doesn’t taste like milk, skim or otherwise.

The problem is that it just looks gross. The milk didn’t fully integrate with the contents of the drink. Because it’s carbonated, I can’t really shake it to try to get it to mix. Maybe it’s not chemically possible for that to happen (I forgot just about everything I learned from chemistry class). I’m not sure. Whatever the case, though, the usual orange-green color is roughly the same, except with these little white clouds.

This should not inhibit my enjoyment as much as it does. But it’s weird to drink something that looks so weird, whether I can taste the milk or not.

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  1. Burt Likko says:

    Well, it sounds horrific. But that’s because you’re mixing milk, artificially citrus, and carbonated water, three great tastes that do not intuitively go great together, and adding a day-glo yellow tint that does not exist in nature to the mix.

    But I’ll say this: plenty of cocktails and other beverages go unmixed, with different layers of color and viscosity, and they’re just fine. A lot of fizzy sweet drinks from Asia have gobs of color floating around in them, and they’re just fine.

    So in concept your milky mountain something could work. I just can’t imagine summoning up the courage to try this particular beverage myself.

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