peekingraccoonOil, oil everywhere, but not a drop of water to drink. Also, a look at the US groundwater supply, in map form.

This seems so intuitively incorrect: iPhones use more energy than some refrigerators. If true, another indication that if global warming is as real and as bad as they say, we’re doomed.

Those unimaginative, killjoy left-brainers are arguing that there’s no such thing as left-brainers (and right-brainers).

BusinessWeek has a piece on the dire state of nuclear power in this country. Which some will celebrate, because even though global warming threatens imminent ecological catastrophe, we can’t have nuclear power because something bad might happen.

But if the economics can’t support nuclear, the economics can’t support it. There’s always coal. According to the EIA, by 2040 nuclear will only be supplying 7% of our energy. Renewables? 15%! Yay.

According to the WSJ ($), young rebels become entrepreneurs.

Step one, get people to move into cities. Step two, turn out the lights?

In Green Bank, West Virginia, you can’t use wireless signals. Which is a draw for some.

Private education in Britain is becoming more egalitarian.

Enterprising folks are working on replacing the FEMA trailers with nicer amenities. I am all about cheap housing, so I wonder about the non-FEMA applications.

Evidently, the notion that clowns are scary has long roots in history.

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