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From the NYT, the costs and benefits of flexible labor markets.

Is Sioux Falls the next boom town? I was looking at it last year and it has a surprising amount going for it. It needs people, and lots of people from elsewhere are looking for work…

Presenting, the lock-picking cockatoo!

More attention to regional visas! The only solution for Detroit that I can think of.

Stem cells may render root canals moot because it could generate teeth that replace themselves. I have no clue if the science will pan out on this, but if I were an investor, I’d be looking at dental medicine. I think there is enormous potential for growth there.

Slate exposes eight science myths. We’ve been learning the hard way that ideas about the lifespan of certain insects has been misrepresented.

We talk a lot of the American-Mexican border, but the American-Canadian border is seriously weird.

The gender imbalance in China may be distorting real estate prices.

Cops with cameras: Good for civilians, good for cops. It’d be good if they had cameras, since we can be arrested for using them.

The next step up from microapartments: skinny-homes!

The Superhero vs Inflation.

Will Wilkinson, inspired by Tim Lee, ponders how the right and left look at labor compensation.

When you think about it, from a plot perspective, World War II is pretty implausible. I definitely would have written the villain differently.

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  1. I recently finished listening to the Audible adaptation of Antony Beevor’s ‘The Second World War’ and all throughout I was stunned by countless events throughout that conflict. Many of them I had known about for years, but not only did new research recast some of them in an amazing new light but there were also other startling events I learned about for the first time.

    The Second World War truly was an implausible living nightmare.

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