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I still remained baffled by this notion that global warming is going to cause untold disasters, but we should be very cautious about nuclear because… there might be an accident? Germany is making the shift away from nuclear… right back to coal. Is this progress?

Most people (including myself) see gasoline prices rising. Karl Smith explains how they could fall. He also explains our influence on global prices and the state of Peak Oil.

As America gets fatter, non-acceptance of fatness is not abating. Maybe we need to also turn our hadred to mice and marmosets. According to David Sirota, we should certainly start hating on men. (Seriously? Instead of being more compassionate towards women?)

People are worried about the environmental impact of oil pipelines. Maybe we should be more worried about the environmental impact of oil trains.

Why is Obama suddenly trying to argue about the jobs the XL pipeline won’t add? Maybe because of the water contamination a federal study says fracking chemicals aren’t causing. Or maybe he’s worried about the Saudis.

Geek stereotypes may be keeping women out of computer science. This is less flattering to women than geeks, in my opinion. Whatever, though, as long as they don’t force anybody to take down their Star Trek posters.

Buzzfeed’s piece on eight foods allowed in America but banned elsewhere – with the very, very clear implication that whenever we disagree with enlightened countries we are wrong – got attention and praise from people I know that I felt really should have known better. Here is a takedown.

Wired has photos of the world’s scariest border fences.

One of the more interesting things going on with the movie-making industry is the increasing Chinese influence. Maybe.

The Hollywood formula, in a nutshell.

Recent research suggests that housing vouchers do not disperse crime, as previously thought. One thing I find interesting is that the article mentions that these vouchers are putting a lot of recipients in the suburbs. This piece is in Atlantic Cities, which loves to gloat about increasing poverty in the suburbs. If they think really hard about it, they might see a connection here and consider the implications of it.

The Wyoming Senate race has gotten a lot of attention due to Liz Cheney’s decision to enter it. PErhaps more interesting is the ex Neo-Nazi mercenary.

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