America’s latest export: For-profit universities.

Myths and teachable stories about the apocalypse.

Inside Higher Ed has a good piece on state budgets and higher education. GE Miller writes about the cost of the college experience.

I love the term “unexotic underclass.” I will start using it.

I’ve written a couple of times about the way our society is structured against early marriage and parenthood. Jacoba Urist thinks we should do something about it.

A teen invents a 20-second phone charger. Another a submarine.

io9 has a series of articles on the Yellowstone megavolcano.

A look at Taiwan before its economic boom.

How to reform comment trolls.

One of my hope-beyond-hopes with regard to global warming is carbon capture. They’re testing it in Alberta.

Important: Tips on faking your own death.

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6 Responses to Linkluster Non-Authoritative Information

  1. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    So, you’ve just given up on the spam, huh?

  2. trumwill says:

    I’ve been out all day, and I’m not getting emails on them like I should be. Crap. I even got spam on the Red Wedding post, which I closed comments on yesterday after a rash of them.

    How aggravating.

    I need to get Akismet up and running. Or find a better Captcha. Or something.

    But I’m not going to give up on Spam. I’ll switch away from WordPress before I do that.

  3. David Alexander says:

    America’s latest export: For-profit universities.

    Institutions with have no business operating in the States are not being inflicted on foreign countries. An excellent way to repair our tarnished image overseas.

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