It’s not just the pencilnecks. Jocks, too, are subject to stereotype and discrimination.

The world is becoming a more addictive place.

When robots and humans work together, we often think of it in terms of humans directing the robots to complete repetitive tasks. What if the future is the other way around. Maybe we’ll even become friends.

A whole lot of our atmospheric water vapor comes from plant transpiration, which could be important as we look for other worlds to someday inhabit.

Australia is one of those places I really want to learn more about the history of. Here’s a start. Also, Mayans!

The top five regrets of dying. Shockingly, none of them involve spending more time at the office.

Winnie Cooper was pretty amazing. It says something odd about myself that I sympathized more with Becky Slater.

A slideshow of million dollar houses across the country.

A lot of politicians are advocating longer school days. The Economist presents a contrary view. I’m less concerned about the hours in a day than the huge gap in between school getting out and school starting back up again.

Can, or should, police assist in urban design?

I’m coming around to the idea that advertising may be bad for youngsters.

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  1. David Alexander says:

    Australia is one of those places I really want to learn more about the history of.

    It’s coincidentally a country that I’d like to visit. Not just for the trains, but to explore the major cities too. I’ll leave the Outback to actual adventurous types.

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