I’ve long believed that universities that don’t want to play the football rat-race ought to focus their energy on rugby. I like the existence of college football even at very low levels (I’d rather my school have a team in Division III than no team at all) as a unifying pageant for alumni and students. I don’t think basketball works quite as well. This, though. This would work.

Very important: The Dos and Don’ts of time travel.

How virtual fences may change the rural landscape.

I’ve always found it a bit sad that Hootie and the Blowfish, who actually had a number of good songs, their #1 single will always be “Only Wanna Be With You.” Here is a list of five songs hated by the artists that made them famous or that they made famous.

Work smarter, not harder. No, stop trying to work so smart. Either way, your employers are counting on your productivity.

The case for forcing extroversion on introverts. I have mixed feelings.

A look at British patriotism.

Do flattened companies actually consolidate upper management control?

This is not news, but cable companies that provide internet are sort of at cross-purposes with themselves. It’s cause for concern.

A while back, Dave Schuler explained why immigration and education aren’t going to save us.

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