Say what you will about Steve Sailer, but he has some very astute observations on the push and pull of school reform in New York City.

Can a community redevelopment agency get $100,000,000 by declaring downtown Memphis a condemnable slum?

British people problems.

Last week I linked to an article about how awesome Legos are. This week I link to an article about how awesome LEGO is.

Wikipedia doesn’t need our money, so why does it keep asking us for more?

I doubt this is an actual thing, but financial management as a criteria for mating only makes sense to me.

Liberals like shows that mock conservatives. Conservatives like college football.

For Microsoft, the case for firing Steve Ballmer. Included in the article is a link to this piece from 2011, which paints a pretty devastating picture.

Donorschoose, a website dedicated to directing funds on education projects, has hired a data scientist.

In Japan, they have vending machines that keep drinks cold while being shut down for 16 hours at a time. Presently, the overall power savings is about ten percent, but that still seems significant.

The global implications of shale. California’s history with it.

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