It was West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin that made me wonder if the tide really has turned against guns. It’s West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin that is making me think that maybe it hasn’t.

Though it doesn’t tell us too much about what to do to prevent further incidents, I did appreciate this piece on how we should think about them on a social level.

When I fear overreaction to high-profile incidents like Newtown, it’s not just gun control. I still haven’t gotten over the release of V for Vendetta being pushed off the fifth of November.

I’m pleased at the pushback that the New York Journal got on releasing the names and addresses of handgun permit owners.

Theodore Dalrymple pokes holes at the notion that if only there’d been a psychiatrist, Newtown might have been prevented. Those that wish to redirect the conversation away from guns and towards “mental health” – and those that flat-out want this approached as a mental health issue – have an uphill climb on convincing me that there is actually something we can do on this avenue.

There is a resurgence of Japanese Nationalism. Or maybe not. The LDP is back in charge of Japan and China may be okay with that.

Now that he is done with the annual chore, it’s the perfect time for Santa Claus to consider relocating to Alaska.

This may be wishful thinking on Conn Carroll’s part, but maybe the emerging Democratic coalition is actually simply the Obama coalition.

On the other hand, if the public is shying away from the advancement of traditional values, that does represent a more enduring problem for the GOP.

Jon V Last writes about fertility decline, over in Japan, here, and elsewhere. Robots may not save us.

Cyborgs rise!

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  1. bobvis says:

    >I’m pleased at the pushback that the New York Journal got on releasing the names and addresses of handgun permit owners.

    I’m not exactly pleased. I don’t understand why handgun owners are mad at the journalists for publishing public information and not at the government for making the information a matter of public record in the first place.

    (I’m guessing it’s because the journalists are just easier targets.)

  2. trumwill says:

    Yeah, a lot of the animosity should be directed towards the government. But not all.

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