A word of caution before entering the cloud. These are real concerns, and the inefficiency of the cloud is too infrequently discussed.

A public health proposal to issue Smokers Licenses. I’ll get on board with this as soon as we issue “alcohol drinking licenses.” The arguments for alcohol licensure is stronger. If we’re going to do this, we shouldn’t just target icky people we don’t like.

Meanwhile, on the subject of alcohol, we’re actually moving in the opposite direction. I think this is okay, but our increasingly critical legislation and proposals aimed at smokers and the obese should not be allowing this to happen. Yet here we are. It’s almost as though we are inclined to regulate the behavior of people we don’t like while supporting deregulation for behavior that allows us to do what we want.

The major thing that’s pushing teachers out of the profession isn’t training or salaries, but principals.

If liberals want regulation to become more popular (or less unpopular) and/or redeem the government as being something that is here to help, they need to take a hard look at things like this.

The New York Times looks at the drug shortage.

McMegan writes about The Incredible Shrinking Sugar Bag. I believe she’s quite wrong on this. If we’re looking at rising prices or smaller packaging, we should go with the latter. It can help people by reducing spoilage, among other things.

The case for cheap purchases. Actually, it’s more about the whole “experiences and connections over things.” It corresponds nicely with arguments about money not being everything. Wise words that nobody actually lives by.

Reason looks at politicians offering subsidies to movemakers for superhero films. When I read the title “Superhero Subsidies” it actually made me think of one of the Manhunter comic books wherein Star City tries to recruit Manhunter to relocate there as a tourist attraction.

Colorado’s new pot law could lead to a black market boon! That’s not the way it’s supposed to work, but it still deals with supply deficits and a lack of financial punishment will lead in some degree to increased demand.

Maddox tells truth. The degree of signalling going on with I F***ing Love Science is significant. And, at least in my cohort, it is a degree of signalling not easily disassociated with (ir)religion and politics.

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  1. Kirk says:

    On alcohol: I went to the Falcons/Bucs game last week. After the game I did the usual, sit on my tailgate and drink Gatorade while waiting for traffic to die down. (Seriously, Gatorade. See a few games in 90+ degree heat with no cloud cover and you learn a thing or two.)

    I ended up having a nice conversation with a woman sitting on the hood of her car next to me.

    Except for her, everyone in her group was drunk–really drunk. Her boyfriend got out of the car and tried to join our conversation. After slurring a few words he almost fell down, then got back into the car with the three other drunk guys and promptly fell asleep.

    According to her, her boyfriend had stared drinking at 9am. The game had started at 1pm, and it was now after five. And the dude was still blitzed.

    She told me that one of the others in her group had gotten ejected from the game for being drunk/aggressive/whatever. She’d had to leave with the guy; I guess he needed her to take care of him.

    So she’d missed the end of the game, just to take care of some drunk. Babysitting adults: what a way to spend a Sunday.

    Anyway, being a case-a-week drinker myself, I’m AMAZED that others are even worse than me.

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