It amazed me that on an issue where pro-life sentiment is at record highs, and when the Democratic Party has moved even further to the left on the issue, that nonetheless the issue appeared to be electorally beneficial to the Democrats. My conclusion was that the Republicans framed the issue so badly that they came out on the losing end. It’s actually worse than that. Recent events (and I believe pro-lifers themselves) have actually pushed the country in a pro-choice direction.

Michael Weinreb has a worthwhile take on Big Ten’s decision to expand into New Jersey and Maryland. The Big Ten is, for my money, the most overrated conference of the major five. This isn’t going to help.

Our legislators almost slipped a law through that would have reduced royalties for web radio. Alas, it was not to be. The libertarian in me can appreciate where the artists are coming from, but this seems to be an area where… things aren’t working right.

I’m impressed that the New York Times ran this while Chris Christie laments the death of the Jersey Shore and New York recovers. I’d expect them to run it when some stupid red state with its stupid inhabitants gets hit. It brings up a good point, particularly for those who believe that the ocean levels are going to rise due to global warming.

Patrick Ruffini pens a really good article at something the GOP needs to look at. It has nothing to do with policy, and more to do with human capital. This was something that Karl Rove understood.

Kay Hymowitz takes a look at the political gender gap and thinks it has less to do with actual gender than we think. There’s something to this. It also strikes me that one of the things that makes the GOP vulnerable in the longer run is – as much as other things discussed – the increasing dissolution of the family itself.

Mitt Romney may have paid squat in taxes, but yes millionaires do pay high rates. My fear is akin to that old joke about NCAA Sanctions Committee: They get so irate at the Miami Hurricanes that they put Miami of Ohio on probation.

Some conspiracy theory sites are just beautiful. Some are not.

An indepth article on the evolution of online collegiate learning. Meanwhile, maybe we can learn something from India and institute federal universities. I actually think that’s a pretty solid idea. If anyone is interested (or maybe even if no one is), I’ll write a post on the subject.

The title of this article (“Why do we let our kids play tackle football”) had me expecting to object, but the contents and suggestions for reform are really quite reasonable.

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