The Senate unanimously voted to keep their carbon taxes off our planes.

I hope to write a more thorough piece on this at some point, but in case I don’t, WaPo has a provocative piece on our comparatively very progressive tax system. I think the analysis is under-emphasizing the invisibility of VAT taxes compared to the conspicuousness of income taxes.

Go North-Central, young man!. North Dakota, that is. It’s nice to think that, if something happened to Clancy, there may be a place I could go and get a job despite my strained employment history. Not that I’d be working the oil fields, but I would be surprised if they didn’t have other things available.

Perhaps not unrelatedly, South Dakota School of Mines is beating Harvard in graduate pay.

Employees at Microsoft get free Surface Tablets, Windows 8 Phones, and PCs. That’s pretty cool, but do they have to use the phones? That’d be a mixed bag…

A rare spider shut down a $15m project in Texas. Well, the spider itself didn’t shut it down, but you get the idea.

McDonald’s will be posting their calorie count universally. This is a smart move because, despite the bad press they receive, their listed nutritional content is actually better than (or less bad than) most of its rivals.

GM is apparently ready to end the government’s investment in them, but the government is less hip to the idea. Having lost millions and all.

So some Swiss organization is going after Apple for patent infringement for ripping off their clock. I’d totally be with Apple on this if not for that very distinct second-hand.

Relatedly, German courts ruled that Android tablets and smartphones need to be recalled due to patent violations. Meanwhile, Motorola is asking the ITC to ban Macs, iPads, and iPhones. Fun!

Jerry Brown legalized the sale of home-cooked food in California. Or, at least, liberalized it. Good work.

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5 Responses to Linkluster Public School Districts in Alabama

  1. ScarletKnight says:

    So is Linkluster just a rehash of your twitter feed?

    Anyway Rutgers made the Top 25, but they aren’t really a Top 25 team. They have been feasting on weak competition. I will give them credit that all of their FBS wins have been on the road. It isn’t Rutgers’ fault that Arkansas fell off the cliff this year. This was Rutgers’ first win against against an SEC team since beating Vanderbilt in 2004. Fun fact: an SEC team has NEVER played a game at Rutgers Stadium; any games at Rutgers have been played at Giants Stadium.


    Win at Tulane, who is the worst team in CUSA and was worrying about a hurricane.
    Win vs Howard, who is a midrange MEAC team, an FCS conference
    Win at South Florida, who is a midrange Big East team, but Rutgers owns South Florida
    Win at Arkansas, who is the 2nd worst team in the SEC, and is going through a chaotic season, and whose old coach is morally bankrupt, and whose current coach is financially bankrupt

  2. trumwill says:

    I flag links for Linkluster and future posts on Twitter. Prior to that, I used Furl.

    South Florida lost to a MAC team last week. The MAC had a *really* good week last week.

    That being said, it’s not such a bad thing to have a good tune-up schedule before the tough games begin.

  3. trumwill says:

    Here is what I mean by the MAC:
    Central Michigan 32, Iowa 31
    Western Michigan 30, UConn 24
    Northern Illinois 30, Kansas 23
    Ball State 31, USF 27

    I’m not sure if any non-BCS conference ever won four games against BCS conference teams in a single week before. Unless the MWC, I’d be surprised.

  4. ScarletKnight says:

    I’d be surprised too.

    I forgot that Charlie Weis was coaching again.

    Kansas went from fat white guy to thin black guy to fat white guy again.

    Charlie Weis looks like the Before picture for weight loss surgery. That is ironic because, believe it or not, he has already had the surgery.

  5. trumwill says:

    Yeah. Kansas kind of punctured my “hostility towards fat coaches” theory, given that they went from one to another with Turner Gill in between.

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