I am back at the bookstore/coffeeshop that won’t let you use the bathroom without an escort.

When you tell them you need someone to unlock it for you, they go on the intercom and apparently their code for “Someone needs to unlock the restroom” is “Code USA.”

I went to Walmart earlier today to start getting everything in motion for a new pair of glasses. I specifically asked the Eye Care Professional if it was a problem that I forgot my prescription. Could they just get everything in line and then get the actual prescription tomorrow since I live an hour away? They said yes. By “yes” they apparently meant “no.” I spent fifteen minutes looking at frames, sat down to tell them what I wanted, and she then told me I would have to come back next week because apparently they need me and the prescription both in the same place.

It’s almost enough to make me just get the glasses in Callie. The gas costs of coming up here for a pair of glasses strip any savings. As it turns out, I have a job next week at the Holding Tank Alternative School. So I should be able to do it then.

Meanwhile, at my favored coffee shop (which closed at hours thus why I am now at the bookstore), the Truthers that own the place are apparently voting straight ticket Democrat at least at the state level (Democratic signs all over the place – sans Obama). I was actually wondering. The last time politics was discussed, they weren’t interested in voting for the Kenyan, but also had some pretty big reservations about voting for the Mormon-Freemason Cabal’s candidate.

The air quality up here is worse than it’s been in Callie.

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  1. Kirk says:

    At work, they have codes for every emergency. Code Blue, Code Red, etc.

    Tornado? Code Brown. It never fails to raise a smirk from everyone.

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