Medical professionals are increasingly using mobile technology, though not to access records or prescribe. There are some liabilities involved with both, so maybe it’s just as well. At least for the time being. On a separate note, too many doctors are using iPhones.

Vitamin D supplements may protect us from colds. So when do we start putting it in the water?

The news about someone important’s cloud being hacked didn’t do much to make me think about my password complexity. This article did.

This touches on some of the things I’ve talked about with regard to employee disloyalty, employer entitlement, and the vicious cycle it creates.

I link to this George Will column mostly because I adore the term “apocalypse fatigue,” which I consider to be a big reason as to why Generation X isn’t freaking out over Global Warming.

South Korea is trying to rebalance power away from Seoul by building a new city. While this brings to mind China’s ghost cities, I am enough of a fan of decentralization to think of this as a good idea. After all, I support a built-from-scratch US capital in Nebraska. I got this link from Market Urbanism, who did not approve and mentioned Japan’s attempts to move things away from Tokyo. Anyone with some good links on Japan’s effort, please send them forth.

Speaking of ghost cities… Ireland.

Tero Kuittinen wonders if AT&T and Verizon are going too far. At issue, Verizon shifting to a family data plan and AT&T’s almost immediate announcement that it was doing the same. Honestly, of all of the issues going on in cellular America, this is pretty low on my list of concerns. It may push more people to this. It also may result in more people holding on to their phones or paying for the next one out-of-pocket. Oh, who am I kidding? Nobody is going to do anything outrageous like pay for their own phone. Speaking of which, a good rundown on how carriers are getting away with locking phones.

The Economist looks at Finland’s utter dependents on Nokia and wonders if anyone else is so dependent. Nokia’s fall from grace cannot be good for the country. Also, a look at Nordic crime-writing and globalization.

Stephen Smith looks at land reclamation around the world and in history. I love it when man goes to war against nature and wins.

Pop music is getting sadder.

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  1. ScarletKnight says:

    I support a built-from-scratch US capital in Nebraska

    I still support Indiana


    In Trumanverse defined, you stated: Most borders are derived from … lines of lattitude (sic) and longitude, preferably those divisible by five.

    Here is a fact you might not have known. When setting the borders of the real states, they also used lines of longitude. However, instead of using Greenwich, England as the prime meridian, they used Washington, DC, specifically the old Naval Observatory.

    Here is more information on the Washington meridian.

  2. Φ says:

    Meanwhile, Priory Hall’s developer, Tom McFeely, a former Irish Republican Army hunger striker from Northern Ireland who became a real estate mogul,

    Right. Because if you can’t trust the IRA, who can you trust?

  3. trumwill says:

    Knight, that’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    Phi, fair point.

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