I remember when they were talking about bailing out underwater homeowners, some of the greatest objections came from renters. It’s no surprise then that people who worked out their own tuition are irritated with those who weren’t. However, of all of the examples to pick, they choose someone from Washington who went to California for a liberal arts degree? If ever we talk of student loan forgiveness, one can imagine that there will be a lot of folks crying bloody murder. Miss Ahn will be on the wrong side of that one.

The Atlantic has an article on how veterans, like our friend Kirk, have trouble fitting in on college campuses. James Joyner points out that it’s not anything unique to veterans but actually applies to non-traditional students more generally. Oh, and wants us to stop feeling sorry for veterans.

On the other hand, I do feel bad for this guy, and it is pretty related to his being a vet. Seriously, though, when we talk about addressing the mental health of potential Aurora shooters more aggressively, this is what we’re talking about.

Well, I suppose now I feel less bad that I can’t get ESPN3. But this makes me angry for the next time that I can. ESPN really pisses me off with their handling of some of their content.

This football loyalty map is why I wish that the WAC had expanded to include the Dakota and Montana schools. While we’re at it, I think we have room for another east coast conference that can include Maine, New Hampshire, and Delaware with some of the eastern members of the MAC and Conference USA. (Okay, the map itself is actually kind of useless, except as a prop to allow me to re-make a point I always look for an excuse to remake.)

Garrett wants to know if cigarette marketing counts as free speech. Not always, but sometimes yes. I think it should certainly count when we’re talking about forcing political statements on their product. In the “free speech” arena, one thing worse than silencing someone is forcing them to stay something. That doesn’t change just because we really, really don’t like tobacco companies.

Matthew Yglesias writes about social mobility and Westeros (the land from Game of Thrones).

We evidently benefit from seeing strong women on television.

Our streets are safer, but no one is sure why.

Paul Krugman argues that government controls health costs better than the private sector. Peter Suderman disagrees. Neither have done a particularly admirable job.

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  1. Peter says:

    That college football loyalty map is utterly wrong with respect to the New York area. Army may be the closest major league team but Rutgers and Syracuse have far more fans.

  2. trumwill says:

    Yeah. The more I look at that map, the more useless it appears. But it gave me an opportunity to talk about myself, which I always like.

  3. Kirk says:

    Interesting articles on veterans in college. I have to say I agree more with Joyner’s article though, that it would be pretty rare for anyone in their late 20’s to be able to fit in with a younger crowd. The fact that some of these guys are veterans is probably irrelevant.

    What? You mean the movie “Old School” is bullshit? Noooooo!!!!

    Interesting quote:

    …he imagines that an anemic affiliation between students may be part of the reason veterans struggle to find their place. “The kid to your left is hung over, the girl to your right is there because her parents made her go, and the guy in front of you is there to get a high paying job,”

    Pretty much how I felt on campus.

  4. trumwill says:

    I figured you’d agree more with Joyner, for some reason.

    I am not sure they were even college students in Old School. Luke Wilson wasn’t. I’d have to go back and watch the movie to see about the others, and I’d rather not…

  5. Kirk says:

    “I figured you’d agree more with Joyner, for some reason.”

    I guess it’s because though I never served in combat, or even went into a war zone, I still never connected with anyone in college. Not even back in my CC days, when I was maybe 26 or so and was closest in age to the average student did I make any friends.

    Perhaps in the arena of making friends, college is overrated for everyone? I’d like to see a poll of graduates to see how it works out for the majority.

    “I am not sure they were even college students in Old School.”

    What I meant, is that they fit in so well. I mean really, how many guys would cotton to a group of older men hitting on the same women they want?

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