Dr. Manhattan writes about how our Special-Ed system favors the rich.

Louisiana is trying to revolutionize schools. They took advantage of Katrina and did a remarkable job improving the New Orleans school district (yes, even accounting for demographics). But the NO school system is very expensive and we need to find out what, if anything, we can scale.

More on cops and cameras.

The Washington Post had a good op-ed piece on how we might make adoption easier across state lines. If Clancy and I have trouble with our second (or, heaven forbid, our first), adoption remains a possibility. Given our preference for lowpop states, this is a potential issue for us.

You may have heard about Diane Tran, an honors student from Texas who was sentenced to jail for missing school due in large part to having to take care of her family. I wrote about it here. Well, the judge is trying to defend himself thusly: “I’m not mean. I just wasn’t doing my job!”

How dogs may have made humans thrive while neanderthals didn’t.

Bakadesuyo: Are we fundamentally the same person from childhood to adulthood?

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