I was looking at a university’s price structure for their distance learning program. They explain:

Tuition $173/credit
Distance Education Fee $75/credit
TOTAL $248/credit

Developmental Math (site-based MTH 065 & 095): $173 per credit, no distance ed fee

Okay, $248 a credit. Got it. They go on to explain…


3 credit undergraduate course: 3 x $248 = $744
3 credit graduate course: 3 x $478 = $1,434

Okay. If you need this spelled out for you, perhaps you should be reconsidering going to college.

-{Note: This is a land-grant university with an endowment of approaching half-a-billion dollars. Half Sigma might say otherwise, but not what I would consider a glorified community college.}-

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5 Responses to For The Mathematically Challenged…

  1. SFG says:

    Half Sigma lives in Manhattan. Most of America is not like Manhattan.

    And, honestly, some very bright people (verbally and visuo-spatially) suck at math.

  2. trumwill says:

    It’s like HS learned absolutely nothing in Arizona in his time there. If he’d spent his entire life in the northeast, I’d be shaking my head less often (though rolling my eyes with equivalent frequency).

    Yeah, some people aren’t math people, but… multiplication that could be handled simply by a calculator?

  3. Peter says:

    It might just be a way of forestalling complaints from people who don’t realize that the costs are per credit and not per course. Not everyone reads things as carefully as they should. In fairness, the distance education fee, unlike tuition, does not seem like the sort of thing one would expect to be imposed on a per-credit basis.

  4. trumwill says:

    Peter, that thought had crossed my mind, but if you don’t know the credit/course distinction, I’m not sure how much it helps. And they actually specifically mention that the $75 is per-credit (which I, too, thought was odd).

  5. mike shupp says:

    And maybe the examples are for the parents who actually sign the checks?

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