From Arapahoe County, Colorado:

A CBS4 investigation has learned that former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. has been arrested, suspected of trafficking methamphetamine, a controlled substance.

Sullivan, 68, was the elected Arapahoe County Sheriff for 19 years. He retired in 2002 and went on to become director of safety and security for Cherry Creek Schools. He was a nationally-regarded law enforcement figure and in 2001 as the National Sheriff Association named Sullivan “Sheriff of the Year.”

A more complete story here, with an ironical tidbit: he was sent to a jail named after.

The story gets worse from there:

There were other developments in the Sullivan story Friday. Denver Police reopened an investigation into the death of Sean Moss, a case that led to police interviewing Sullivan earlier this year about his relationship with Moss.

The 27-year-old’s body was found face down in the South Platte River in January. A DPD detective interviewed Sullivan after Moss death after learning Sullivan and Moss were friends and that Sullivan had bailed Moss out of jail two weeks earlier.

When CBS4 reported on the connection Thursday, a Denver Police spokesperson said it was a “closed case” and there was “nothing suspicious” about the Moss death. Friday, the Denver Police Department labeled that a “misstatement” and spokesperson Sonny Jackson said there is an “active, ongoing investigation” into Moss’ death.

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