I was reminded to look into something relatively trivial today: Whether a former apartment complex I used to live in (Midlerth) was located in a particular district in town. I discovered, to my chagrin, that it’s not. I say “to my chagrin” because, with a city as sprawling as Colosse is, it’s helpful to be able to say I lived in Cameron Grove rather than trying to find the two nearest streets of note and saying “around there.” On the upshot, being able to say that I lived right by Cameron Grove is almost as good.

Anyway, Cameron Grove is actually more known as a business district. It includes the corporate headquarters of a global software company that you have probably never heard of but is actually one of the largest in the world. It was founded by a Southern Tech alumnus and benefactor. There is actually a sweet story about one of the nicer water fountains on campus that was placed there because he proposed to his wife at that particular spot on campus decades ago. They divorced three years ago.

Another generous benefactor of Southern Tech died not too long ago. This is important to Sotech, but not because he was universally beloved. In fact, a lot of people don’t care for how he made his fortune. He was also known for being a rather personally difficult, reckless, and an alcoholic. He had a DUI conviction and died in an automobile accident with a passenger (and without a seatbelt). Unmarried and childless, he left his entire state to his do-good foundation. Southern Tech, his alma mater, is expected to see a lot of that. So, god bless the bastard. (It’s actually kind of funny: Most well-known Southern Tech alumni are… somewhat disreputable individuals. The guy from the previous paragraph is an exception.)

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2 Responses to Colossal Tidbits: Cameron Grove & Sotech

  1. Scarlet Knight says:

    Does the neighborhood Midlerth is in have a name? Or does the Cameron Grove name have more cache?

    How much do you give SoTech a year? How much does Clancy give to her alma mater?

  2. trumwill says:

    Does the neighborhood Midlerth is in have a name?

    No, which is what caused my check in to Cameron Grove. I kind of have to describe it. If the person knew the town well, I could say “Near Summers Street” (because Summers turns into different street names, it’s not long) or if they didn’t, “A few blocks from Oppenheimer and Summers.”

    That sort of thing.

    How much do you give SoTech a year? How much does Clancy give to her alma mater?

    We are ingrates. I plan to join Sotech’s alumni association at some point, when we’re better situation financially.

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