This really isn’t the point of a well thought-out piece, but after reading the opening paragraph:

California police will now be able to conduct warrantless searches of optical disc (DVD, CD, BluRay) factories to look for piracy and seize pirated discs, under a bill just signed by California Governor Jerry Brown (full text). Even those who think copyright law has gone much too far, or cherish fair use, shouldn’t defend such blatant, commercial piracy, which does nothing but deny creators the market for their artistic products. One need only look at China to see how such infringement can destroy creative industries.

My thought was that raiding the factories here will only mean more of the piracy will be done in China. Yet another way our government is pushing industry abroad…

(I agree with the piece, but that was the first thought that came to mind.)

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2 Responses to Another Industry To Be Outsourced…

  1. web says:

    Sorry. Can’t agree. Warrantless searches are inherently bad unless there is reasonable suspicion that a crime is currently being committed with danger to life and limb of someone.

  2. trumwill says:

    There’s no disagreement. That’s the point of the article. It’s title is “Copyright, Done Right: Warrantless Factory Searches Aren’t the Right Way to Stop DVD Piracy”

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