In the run-up to the new college football season, the Home Sports Channel (HSC) has been playing some reruns from last football season. Last season included some heartbreaking losses, so I had to choose which game I might want to (re-)watch carefully. But when they showed the late season Eastern Metro Conference rivalry game between Southern Tech and the Piermont Riptide. That one had a happy ending, so I recorded it and watch some of it last night.

Here was the frustrating thing. They showed our opening drive all the way from our own five to the other three… and then jumped ahead. Skipping over the touchdown itself. What did they skip ahead to? They skipped ahead past the touchdown and kickoff (from the endzone, because there was an unsportsmanlike victory dance I might not have minded seeing) to the announcers chatting while a lineman who got hurt on the return has a trainer stretch his leg.

While DirecTV has a special channel devoted to showing all of the touchdowns anywhere in the NFL, HSC is just skipping over touchdowns.

I get that these things are tough. They have to show the lineman stretching his leg because it’s part of a drive in which Piermont scores a touchdown. But still, they really do make the strangest editorial decisions.

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2 Responses to Stupid Game Editing

  1. Mike Hunt says:

    It is posts like these that make me want to take advantage of your offer in the FAQ and ask you what schools you are really talking about. After all, at this point I am the most “regular commenter” you have.

    Then again, I can’t exactly email you from the email address I list when I comment…

  2. trumwill says:

    I figured that this post might actually give away too much.

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