Real-life superhero fights crime in Seattle

SEATTLE, WA (CNN) – A real-life superhero has been patrolling the streets of Seattle, Washington in hopes of stopping crime.

Every night an anonymous Seattle man strolls into a comic store, enters a hidden back room, and emerges transformed as “Phoenix Jones”.

“Phoenix” says since he started his crime-fighting crusade 9 months ago, he’s been stabbed, and had a gun pulled on him a few times, but received no serious injuries.

Colosse had a couple of these nearly a decade back. They were mostly harmless. Crime was at an all-time low in Colosse back then, though Colosse has historically had higher-than-average crime rates.

More seriously, there was a(n unmasked, uncostumed) group of vigilantes in a particularly bad part of town. The cops arrested the ringleader. During the run-up to the trial, the CPD had to admit that they only patrolled Fifthtown (a pretty expansive place with high density) once twice a day and and that the vigilante was the first arrest they made there in over a month. The charges were dropped, if I recall.

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  1. Maria says:

    If the police won’t do their job, I have no problem with “vigilantes.”

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