I defended Cam Newton, but I have a harder time defending this:

Pryor even sold a sportsmanship award from the 2008 Fiesta Bowl, along with his 2008 Big Ten championship ring. More egregious to Ohio State fans, he sold a “gold pants” trinket — an iconic charm given to players who are a part of a victory over archrival Michigan. He may not be easily forgiven by Buckeyes fans who revere such traditions. Pryor must repay $2,500 for selling the three items.

His teammates also sold Big Ten championship rings — the Buckeyes have won the past six conference titles — plus football jerseys, pants and shoes.

Along with Pryor, leading rusher Dan Herron, No. 2 wide receiver DeVier Posey, All-Big Ten offensive tackle Mike Adams and backup defensive end Solomon Thomas must sit out the five games.

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ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit says the suspension of five Ohio State players for the start of next season is “addition by subtraction” and Ohio State can get back to focusing on being a team.

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Herron must repay $1,150 for selling his football jersey, pants and shoes for $1,000 and receiving discounted services worth $150.

Posey must repay $1,250 for selling his 2008 Big Ten championship ring for $1,200 and receiving discounted services worth $50.

Adams must repay $1,000 for selling his 2008 Big Ten championship ring. Thomas must repay $1,505 for selling his 2008 Big Ten championship ring for $1,000, his 2008 gold pants for $350 and receiving discounted services worth $155.

A sixth player, freshman linebacker Jordan Whiting, who received a discount on tattoos, must sit out the first game of the 2011 season and pay $150 to a charity.

Even in the event that Ohio State did not known what was going on and it was not the case that she should have known, players selling their jerseys and rings ought to have any further eligibility revoked.

The problem with Newton was what could and could not be proven. That really doesn’t seem to be the case here. And I’m not convinced that OSU should not be on the hook here.

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  1. Maria says:

    College football is unfortunately going the way of the pro’s — trashy, money-obsessed, corporate-dominated.

    What basis does anyone have for criticizing a player for selling his rings when we have the “Discover Card Orange Bowl” and the “AT&T Cotton Bowl?” (And let’s not even get into the abomination of the “Chick-Fil-A” Bowl, formerly the Peach Bowl, or the “GoDaddy.com” Bowl.)

    The spirit of the game is gone. You can hardly blame the players who are just acting like everyone else.

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