There are two cities of any significant size near Callie, Alexandria and Redstone. Redstone is a little closer, so when I need a “big city thing” like a Walmart, I go to Redstone. My doctor’s appointment, however, was in Alexandria. A lot of people prefer to drive the extra distance to go to Alexandria anyway. I am coming to prefer Redstone and all of is decrepit rustic authenticity to Alexandria’s yuppie charms.

I will say this of Alexandria, though. Toenail polish here is kept to a minimum. Maybe only half the women in open-toed shoes (common in this season) seem to be wearing toenail polish. I applaud this development. Callie has more in the way of nail polish than I would have guessed. Deseret didn’t have it nearly as much and Callie is only a couple hours away from Mocum. I was thinking, hoping, that it was a western thing. Nail polish was less frequent in Estacado, too. It’s nigh-universal in Colosse and Delosa, alas.

I had to drive Crayola, my almost-teenager of an economy car. Since taking on my Census Route, I have been driving Ninjette, Clancy’s fully-teenager (but really quiet and smooth) full-size. Unfortunately, she had to visit a doc in Redstone the same day I had to visit a doc in Alexandria. Since I was the one that arranged this little inconvenience, I volunteered to drive Crayola. It’s good to get some quality time with him before we swap him out in August (we think/hope), though I had gotten quite used to (a) cruise control and (b) the ability to accelerate.

But I’m not really thinking about that as I drive. Instead, I am thinking “Man, I wonder what happens next?!” Tom Clancy audiobooks will do that.

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6 Responses to The Virtue of Alexandria’s Toenails

  1. stone says:

    You have a thing against nail polish? Even toenail polish?

    Wow… you’re the ANTI-David Alexander.

  2. trumwill says:


    Fun story… once upon a time I was going to dinner to break things off with someone. I was having serious second thoughts since she was such a great person. When she showed up in nail polish, I actually smiled because I knew it would be easier.

    Dharla wore nail polish at all the wrong times. Ridiculous as it sounds, it was one of the things that served to keep us apart.

    And once upon a time, I had a crush on a girl for over a year. It was probably first post-pubescent intense crush. I got over her the first day I saw her wearing that stuff on her fingernails. It helped that it was peeling (see below).

    Toenail polish is something that I have had to learn how to make peace with. It’s everywhere (and unlike with Peter’s thing, often not unhidden). Fingernail polish objections vary depending on occasion, maintenance, and color. Red nail polish on formal occasions and what I call “costume polish” (nail polish that expressly matches something else, like a goth with black polish or a cheerleader in a green gear with green polish) bother me less than generic polish with a t-shirt and sandals. Frilly nail polish is the worst. I don’t mind french nails so much, but hate the clear nails with the tips painted. Perhaps most important, though is that if one is to wear it that it be well maintained. A fully polished nail is better than a peeling one.

  3. Peter says:

    Toenail polish is something that I have had to learn how to make peace with. It’s everywhere (and unlike with Peter’s thing, often not unhidden).

    At least there’s nothing pedophilic about toe nail polish.

  4. Nanani says:

    I had a nail polish craze from ages 12-14 or so. Now I can barely stand to wear it and only put it on in what Will would call “costume polish” situations.

    Weird how tastes change.

  5. Mike Hunt says:

    Crayola? Ninjette?

    I hate to be the one to break this to you, but naming your car is gay.

  6. David Alexander says:

    In contrast, I’m one of those weirdos who’d pretty much demand that any girl staying with me maintain polish on her all of her nails. Of course, given that we’re from different backgrounds and social classes, I would argue that prole feminity is far more attractive to me than it’s higher class counterpart, hence why I’ve never really found the WASPy girls attractive. Even the ugly girls get some credit for painting their nails over the pretty girls that do nothing. French manicures, various non-garish colours, and some of the frilly nails and clear base & painted tip combinations are all attractive to me. It’s some of the garish ghetto designs (i.e. dollar bill tips) that can make even most dedicated nail fetishist cringe.

    Mind you, I don’t like peeling nails either. Athena has a tendency to eat her nails, and on one occasion, it was so bad that I nearly offered to pay for a manicure and pedicure to ensure that her nails would return to their former immaculate state.

    but really quiet and smooth) full-size

    Toyota Camry? It’s one of the main traits of their engines as they age, which probably reinforces why they’re so popular. When a modern Toyota engine is noisy, something is generally terribly wrong…

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