Cartoon Network is apparently prepping a Green Lantern series to accompany the coming movie. Looking forward to the movie, looking forward to the cartoon. The folks at DC Comics will probably use this opportunity to do something drastic to Green Lantern so that anybody that enjoys the movie will find the comic unrecognizable. Yeah, I’m still more than a little agitated that they decided that the successful Batman movies were a great time to dislodge Bruce Wayne as Batman.

The problem with the government going after cell phone carriers for nickel and dime charges for Internet access is that it provides them the perfect excuse to demand that everybody be on a data plan to avoid any confusion. Nevermind that they could simply turn the Internet off.

After killing Mercury, Ford wants Lincoln to go green. But is there that much overlap between luxury car buyers and eco-conscious ones?

Peter Serafinowicz pirates movies. Even ones he is in. There really is some avoidable tension between paying for something inferior compared to getting something superior. I think the long-term trick is to make what they’re paying for good enough that it won’t be worth stealing. I think streaming video is ultimately the solution. I know that for music, a few tweaks from Rhapsody could make music ownership obsolete for all but my most passionate music interests. For videos, casual interests would mean Hulu or Netflix Online but intense interest would mean Blu-Ray or what-have-you. It’s the most sustainable model that comes to mind.

An interesting look{PDF} at cigarettes, black markets, gray markets, and prison.

No great surprise, but in an economy where nobody is hiring, nobody is quitting, either. My father worked for a Defense Department contractor during the Vietnam War, which gave him an out. They completely took advantage of the situation, knowing that none of their employees could quit without losing their draft exemption. The result was that when the war ended, nobody stuck around. I can only hope that some employers taking advantage today will meet the same fate.

San Fransisco is trying to get innovating with parking meter pricing. Some have suggested that this needs to be done with traffic congestion as well. I am a little unsure. The thing about parking is that you can stop and decide if the new price is worth it. For congestion, you can’t really respond to increases or decreases in pricing quite so easily.

All of the universities have playgrounds, but not BYU.

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  1. stone says:

    Yes, yes, the translation is perfect.

    Those movie nerds are always so passionate.

  2. trumwill says:

    Real life nerds can be really passionate. The problem is that the passion is devoted to Green Lantern, Linux, smartphones, or the comparative virtues of subtitled anime.

  3. SFG says:

    Who’s the gentleman in the photo? The one not holding a video game controller.

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