8:30: “Ready to eat? I am. Let’s drive around downtown Gemini Falls and see what’s out there? If we don’t find anything, maybe we’ll eat at one of the city’s four Thai places. Surely we will run across one of them.”

8:45: “Hmmm. Okay. Maybe we’re missing something. Let’s consult the GPS.”

8:46: “Why is the GPS acting so buggy lately?”

9:15: “I swear, I’ll find my way out of the university one of these days. Did you happen to notice when we actually entered the university?”

9:35: “Down that way is a Dark Road. Having already been down two Dark Roads tonight, let’s not go down that one.”

9:55: “Hey, there’s our hotel. How did we end up back here? Okay, so no Thai place. Let’s see if there’s anthing that appeals to us.”

10:05: “Ssshhh… if you listen really closely, you can hear our culinary expectations shatter.”

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4 Responses to Late Night Gemini Falls

  1. Kirk says:

    That reads like an XKCD comic.

  2. web says:

    I’m cooking at home tonight. Culinary expectations will be what I make of it.

    Friday the plan is to cook a version of Shrimp Creole that won’t set off my allergies. This will be… interesting.

  3. trumwill says:

    Clancy has been cooking a lot more lately, which has been really nice. Unfortunately, that’s less of an option in a hotel many hours from home.

  4. stone says:

    Yes, “Let’s drive around and see,” does tend to disappoint, especially in foreign areas.

    Think about it. There’s a huge amount of crap, and a small amount of good stuff *anywhere.* Your odds are bad for just stumbling upon what you want.

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