When I heard about this video, I was under the impression that some sort of fight broke out. I have to confess that I was smitten with the idea of Mormon soccer girls gone wild (except with punching rather than the Hammy tearing off of their shirts), but the BYU girls were the victims over and over again. and there really was only one transgressor that was just mowing everybody down.

If this type of thing were more common, college girl sports would be much more popular.

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  1. DaveinHackensack says:

    That was awesome. I think my favorite part was after the girl gets tripped and the other girl kicks the ball right into her face.

    Incidentally, one of the girls mentioned (I think the one who got yanked down by her pony tail) was named Shumway — there’s a noted finance professor whose work I came across in doing research for my new site named Tyler Shumway. Wonder if they are related. Maybe it’s a more common name out there.

  2. web says:

    I have very little respect for “bring ’em young, bring a lot, kick out most of the boys so the old pervs can have ’em” University.

    That being said, there’s probably quite a bit of room for a “what the heck” from the governing body towards New Mexico.

  3. Kirk says:

    Shouldn’t #15 have been ejected? I’m aware of two NFL players who got ejected for similar things (not hair-pulling, lol).

  4. trumwill says:

    I knew a Shumway when I lived out in Deseret, so I would guess it’s a more common name. I noticed that with a number of names out there that I’d never or rarely heard elsewhere but frequently heart out there (and not in the sense of “these two people are closely related”).

    BYU and the modern LDS church do not have those policies.

    That sort of stuff will definitely get you ejected from an NFL game. Maybe she avoided the ref’s attention through ninja stealth. Whatever the case, she was apparently kicked off the team once this became publicized.

  5. web says:


    I’m well aware of that. However, the university’s still named for someone who was a major proponent of those policies.

    It is however good to hear that she was kicked off the team after the video of this happening came to light.

  6. trumwill says:

    Fair enough. I just want to make sure that nobody thinks that we’re conflating the modern LDS with the FLDS.

  7. Brandon Berg says:

    Oh. That’s the name of the team. I was imagining a couple of 38-year-old women in halter tops and miniskirts fighting over a 23-year-old man.

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