I had a dream about a girl. It wasn’t that kind of a dream. It was about a reasonably well-known woman befriending me and talking me up to other people as a guy worth knowing.

The next morning when I woke up, I instinctively figured it was a dream. I looked it up and much to my surprise, it turned out that it wasn’t a dream. She mentioned me positively on her website.

Then I woke up again and it turned out that the previous wake-up was itself part of the dream. I didn’t bother going on the web to confirm.

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7 Responses to Recursive Dreaming

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I’ve had dreams where I woke up, realized what I had been dreaming was a dream, then woke up again and discovered both were dreams.

    Brains are weird.

  2. dand says:

    So I take it they want an echo chamber Over There. Veronica would never be banned for saying that she would never under any circumstances vote for a transphobic yet I was banned for saying I would never vote for someone who hates me. I will honor their (your) wishes and remain away and I won’t bother you here anymore either.

    • dand says:

      And for the record I think the contemporary today situation is similar the Spanish Civil War are most Latin American Civil Wars; both sides are terrible and a person should choose the evil that is less of a threat to them personally.

    • trumwill says:

      You are more than welcome over here, though I completely understand why you might not want to (apart from the fact that this site is somewhat inactive, I mean).

      • dand says:

        Thanks Will, you seem reasonable so I’ll probably be around off and on I don’t really have much time spend on sites like this anyway.

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