Populist beer commercials are nothing new. When they’re not presenting scantily clad women, they’re trying to bump up their everyman cred. It’s interesting to see one go so hard over craft beer, though. Is craft beer the new latte?

This next one isn’t even a beer commercial, but plays on a similar thing.

Regarding the Sling ad, I swear it sounds like he’s saying “piggy” rather than “picky” and it confuses me every time.

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6 Responses to Beer Populism

  1. It’s hard for me to balance my own reverse-snobbery with the fact that I love microbrews* and just can’t stand the taste of Budweiser.

  2. Peter says:

    It bothers me that most craft beers are IPA’s, which are disgustingly bitter.

    • Yeah, I don’t like IPA’s either (for the same reason) I don’t understand it. Sometimes, the same company will have several different kinds of IPA.

      • Oscar Gordon says:

        I hate IPAs, I just do not get the appeal. I like a good stout, or an amber (depending on my mood).

        • Jaybird says:

          I think it’s little more than alcohol content.

          If you look at the ones hovering around 4 or 5%, they’re all the various dark and rich beers.

          If you look for the 7s and the 8s? They’re all IPAs.

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