My main entertainment center is a computer attached to an old-school television set. I can view video files, DVDs, Hulu, and play music on it. I even have a nifty mouse-remote. The problem is that I don’t have a good audio player for it. For video I use Media Player Classic and it works like a charm. My default audio player has always been WinAmp. The problem with WinAmp is that the buttons on it are waaaaay too small for my TV set. Aiming it with the mouse-remote is difficult. Reading the text from the Now Playing bar is next to impossible. So I’m looking for an audio player that meets the following specifications:

  1. Large buttons (or a skin that I can apply large buttons on) – Very important
  2. Easily viewable playlist with a font-size I can change – Very important
  3. A way that I can sorta-minimize or fold the application but still have access to the buttons but it doesn’t take up much screen space. – Moderately important
  4. No visualizations. I don’t want to watch lines dance with my music As long as I can turn it off and have it not take up desktop real estate, that’s fine. Otherwise, it’ll take up space I’m going to need for super-size fonted playlists – Very important
  5. Does not catalog and organize my music. My folders change too frequently and they almost always organize it incorrectly. – Very important if I can’t turn it off.
  6. Fits within standard windows. I don’t like the tendency of some applications (including WinAmp and Windows Media Player) to try to make their design sleek at the expense of the standard bar and menus up top – Moderately important

Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. web says:

    try Zoom Player Standard. It might work for you.

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