I have now joined Facebook and Twitter. I’ve been late to the party on a lot of the social networking sites like Facebook. I created a MySpace account maybe a year ago. I guess I have a LinkedIn account, though I never really use it. The tipping point on Facebook was that Clancy joined it and started talking about it. When my wife is talking computer stuff, it simply will not do for me to not know precisely what she’s talking about. So I took the plunge. I also created a Twitter account. I don’t think that I’m remotely concise enough for Twitter to work for me, but we’ll see. My motivation there was similar except that instead of it being about my wife it was about my brother Mitch. It’s not like I take a whole lot of pride in being “ahead of the curve”. In fact, compared to most of my friends I’m a relatively late adopter. But there comes a point I guess where I feel at least a little embarrassed to say “No, I haven’t tried that yet.”

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  1. Becky says:

    The FB status updates seem to suffice for the Twitter-effect for me, since people seem to use it that way. I’ve found that I really hate talking on the phone and most of my friends/family are that way too, so it’s nice to use it to keep everyone aprised of what’s going on (esp. the much-larger list of folks that don’t eve know I have a blog).

  2. Kirk says:

    “Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are combining into one big time-wasting website. It’s called ‘YouTwitFace.'”

    Hee, hee. I heard that somewhere.

    That said, what really bothers me about Facebook, is that you can’t take a “free tour”. You have to sign up without even understanding it. I know the entire site is free, but that’s still a little too demanding for my tastes.

    And what is the site about? Kids “friending” and “superpoking” each other? WTF?

    And of course,I know better than to go into such a scenario. I know damned well that if I put up a profile, it would end up being about the loneliest profile around. It would be depressing.

  3. thebastidge says:

    You can look me up on facebook if you like: thebastidge@yahoo.com

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